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The Way Forward 2024

As the Halloween season of 2023 came to an end, the Chabby House crew (being myself, my husband, and my son) decided that it would be the last time we had a walk-through haunted house in the backyard. There were several reasons for this decision. The primary being:

  • The cost of replacing the walls almost every year. Our haunt is a free experience for the neighbourhood kids and the cost of lumber, etc. is just getting out of hand.

  • There was also the issue of the weather. We do not have a garage so setting up in September/October in the rain, snow or heavy wind is a very stressful experience.

  • There has also been a growing group of parents who are sadly not allowing their kids to enter the walk-through.

It just seemed time to put the walk-through to bed.

BUT. . .

Please do not think we have lost heart. The Halloween spirit is still alive and kicking here at Chabby House. Our haunt is going to continue in a new form. Decorating the front of the house will not end. The cemetery will always be here come October, however, there is more in the works.

As I now only have to focus on the front and not try to fill a house with props, I believe I will have enough props, money and time to make something awesome. My plans include a new home for my witchy self and Lavinia’s Daughters. I want to include a telling of the story of Chabby House in some form. I am planning to add more detail and characters. I want the experience to be a bit more interactive and fun.

I will try to keep you all updated here on my website and on my Facebook page.

Halloween will come again with its fun, scares and tasty treats.

Only 235 more days left



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